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What They Are Saying

Hi Jaimi!
What a night huh? We are at home recovering before we hit the road and seeing our family and friends to the airports, buses, trains, cars and boats. Hard to believe its over. We had such a fantastic night. I can say with great confidence that it couldn't have been more perfect. There is nothing I would've changed. Every detail was just as I imagined or far surpassed my expectations! Most of all everyone had fun which was my biggest priority. I want to thank you for all your hard work, Barb and her staff and of course Cassie and the behind the scenes people there that made everything flow so nicely. You guys really poured it on for us and it is very appreciated!  My family and in laws had never met prior to this event and I had only met Nick's family once. It was great to have such a safe and comfortable place for everyone to relax and enjoy each others company which they truly did. I am very proud of our family and their ability to open up and share their hearts. This could've never happened to the degree it did without the lodge. If everyone had been split up in hotels it still would've been fun and beautiful I'm sure but I don't think our families would've walked away feeling like A family. The lodge worked some magic without a doubt! Thanks again!
Again thank you so much Jaimi from the bottom of our hearts! You could not have a happier bride and groom. Better yet, we will have this incredible memory for a lifetime!
Kindest regards! -- Wendy and Nicholas Benge

Dear Jaimi and the Mountain Springs Lodge Crew,
Thank you so much for helping to make Joey & I’s wedding day one of the best days of our lives. We couldn’t have dreamed of a more beautiful day. Your continuous help, wonderful hospitality, amazing food, and all with smiles the entire time! We are so glad to have found Mountain Springs and can’t wait to come back.
All the best,
Casey & Joey

Dear Mountain Springs,
Thank you for everything! Our wedding day was perfect! The food was amazing, everything was beautiful and everyone was so kind! Thank you for the ornament, it’s lovely! We are so grateful.
Thank you!
David & Marie

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Dear Jaimi:
I’d like to thank you, Cassie, Barbara and all the staff at Mountain
Springs Lodge for hosting Cait and Dan Carew’s wedding this past weekend.
Your tireless and professional guidance made the wedding a joyful success.
Particularly on the wedding day when so much was going on, your cool assistance made each and every little issue a breeze to handle.
And I can’t begin to estimate how much of what you did was behind the scenes so that the guests were left to do nothing but have a great time. So many of our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever attended and a big part of it was due to Mountain Springs Lodge – its location and condition, the delicious meals, but most importantly the people who made it all happen.
So thanks again for making it a most memorable wedding . . . not to mention the welcoming dinner, the brunch, the softball game, the reception, the post-reception, and the post-post reception!
Best regards,
Charles Kuyk

Dear Mountain Springs Lodge Staff,
Thank you so much for making our wedding such a memorable event! Everything was so incredibly organized, we literally had no stress! We appreciated how promptly every request was attended to. The grounds looked amazing, the shuttle service was perfect. Everyone loved their rooms and all remarked they were coming back. The food was beyond our expectations, and really made the weekend for us.
Thank you for giving us such a great start to married life!
Cassie & John Condon

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Hello Jaimi,
My how time flies! I can hardly believe it’s been 6 months since my wedding! I wanted to say thank you for making our wedding so special. Your attention to detail and ability to be in so many places at once let us relax and enjoy the day with our guests. I also can’t say enough about your staff—everyone from the wait staff to the guys outside helping with the hay bales was awesome. Oh-and please tell Barb her butternut squash soup was a huge hit! Mountain Springs Lodge is a high class establishment with the best customer service. You truly made everything perfect. We look forward to visiting again.
Tana & John

Dear Cassie, Jaimie, and Eric (and the rest of the MSL staff!)
Words cannot express the gratitude we hold in our hearts for everything you did to make our wedding day more amazing than we could ever have imagined. Your organization, professionalism, flexibility and kindness did not go unappreciated.
Everyone went above and beyond our expectations. You were right there when we needed you, yet not overbearing. Every single thing went smoothly, we were truly amazed. And the food was outstanding! We are so grateful—THANK YOU!!!
Hannah & Anton

Hi Jaimi-
Hope you're doing well! I just recommended Mountain Springs to a couple getting married soon, and I was thinking about you, and wondering if I ever did write to thank you! The weeks after the wedding were such a blur.
Anyways, if I did not, I just wanted to say thank you SO much for everything you did to make our weekend so amazing. Everything was absolutely perfect, from the food, to the service, to the accommodations - all of our guests commented on how great it all was. It turned out better than I could have imagined. If you could also give our thanks to Barb as well (I don't have her email address) - her food was wonderful, particularly the Friday meal. Truly one of our most memorable - and she impressed Leen's parents, which is very difficult when it comes to food!
Take care,

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Dear Mountain Springs Lodge Staff,
From the bottom of our hearts, my new husband, Joe & I would like to thank you for what several of our guests have described as “the best & most beautiful wedding” they have been to. Your beautiful grounds, thoughtful staff, talented chefs and unbelievable accommodations made it possible. We were so impressed with everything and are still blown away when we look back on photos.
Our wedding literally could not have gone better. You could not have done a better job, you were on point 100% of the time & so sweet and accommodating!
We plan on coming back again & again!
Our sincere thanks,
Abby & Joe Selz

Dear Jaimi,
Thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING! You helped make our wedding day an AMAZING day! You are so easy to work with and so helpful! You made everything so easy for us! WE had a fabulous wedding over there—we loved it! We loved everything about Mt. Springs—from the Ponderosa to the Aspenglow to all of the yummy food! Thanks so much! We hope to be back!
Priscilla & Corey

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