Wild at Heart Horseback Rides

Leavenworth Ziplines1

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Take the opportunity to see the Cascade Mountains from a different perspective: high in the saddle!

Not your average outfitter, Wild at Heart Horse rides in Leavenworth, Washington offers rides for all riding abilities, experienced to beginner, young and old alike. We ride from our Barn into the canopied forest on privately-owned trails. Experience mountain meadows bright with seasonal wildflowers, Beaver Creek, and stunning views of the Cascade Mountains and iconic Lake Wenatchee.

Our horses are part of our family and we strive to ensure their comfort along with yours. Our horses live a very natural lifestyle. We ride without bits and thanks to our dirt trails and the help of a professional barefoot farrier, our entire herd is kept “barefoot”-i.e. no horseshoes, which allows a more natural gait and cadence. Each ride begins with an instructional overview to help make us better partners in the saddle.

For questions, please visit www.wildathearthorserides.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.