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Eric Miller is popular Seattle folk/rock, indie/pop singer/songwriter with a very unique style and sound. "Miller's originality sort of sneaks up on you. You're humming along with his melody and enjoying the story quality in his songs and then you suddenly realize that you've never seen anyone like this before. His down-to-earth good nature comes across so well on stage that the audience lets his wild-streak pass without judgment. But later, when you think about his music and try to compare it to someone else's you come up pretty short. There's not really any other recording artist quite like Eric Miller. Sometimes Eric will conjure up a particular songwriter or singer but that's only for one or two songs. Miller's material has such a wide range of musical style and lyrical subject matter that he pretty much defies comparison." - James Riordan, author of The Platinum Rainbow: How to Succeed in the Music Business...Without Selling Your Soul

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  • Music at the Mountain APRIL 2015 web

The Skiffs, comprised of husband and wife duo, Darik and Katie Peet from Wenatchee, Washington, perform their own brand of traditional country music which they call "Skiffabilly." According to Darik, "Our music is energetic yet nostalgic with overtones of truthful foot stompin' innocence." They play classic country and radio rock favorites as well to keep audiences singing along.

May 26, Music @ the Mountain

Musician still to be announced--stay tuned!

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Jessica Lynne, a country singer and songwriter has been said to have Miranda Lambert-like spunk! "From her hometown in Denmark, to her new town, Seattle, Jessica Lynne’s exuberant brand of country music won’t be contained. First off, there’s her voice. If an angel were to fall and land herself smack-dab in the middle of the American dream, you might get a voice like this—a combination of earth and ether, delicacy and might, moonshine, mason jars, and cotton candy. From the first syllable, her sound captivates. Between her sunny lyrics, strawberry blond curls, and honeyed voice, Lynne’s output already evidences an implicit and consistent color scheme - pure country gold" - James Moore, Independent Music Promotions