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With her unique blend of country and pop music infused with a South American twist, independent recording artist Eden Moody ...is showing the world that it is never too late to pursue a career in music!

Have a conversation with her over a cup of coffee and you will learn how she supported herself and her children by bussing in restaurants in São Paulo, Brazil. Or maybe you will hear the story about how Eden's fans joined forces to raise more than ten-thousand dollars to help her record her debut album with top musicians in Nashville. She might even chew your ear about the joy she experiences using social media to communicate with fans in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Either way, at some point you are bound to hear her tell you about how you can help end child soldiering by sponsoring a child
with Project AK47 – a humanitarian organization she actively represents.

When she isn't being whisked away to play VIP pre-show events for major acts like Bruno Mars and Aerosmith, Eden can be found advocating the benefits of a good education. Not only does she teach music, she has even spoken about the power of education before government leaders in Brazil's Senate.

For more information on Eden Moody, and to receive free downloads of several of her songs, visit www.EdenMoody.com.

Genre: Americana = sounds like sweet & spicy country-pop with a south american twist.

Hometown: Wenatchee, Wa / São Paulo, Brazil